Marketing Partners

MarketSquare's website serves as a local business & artisan directory. Visitors to the site come to search for events, businesses, artisans, and local products & services. MarketSquare's website is advertised through Facebook, Instagram, radio and newspaper and sees continuous daily visitors throughout the year, peaking to thousands of daily visitors from Okotoks, Calgary, Black Diamond and High River during event campaigns.

How can your business gain exposure through this?  As a Marketing Partner, we'll place your business logo on:-

  • HOME PAGE - Our home page with a direct link to your website
  • REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS - On our super popular reusable shopping bags handed out at events 
  • PRINT ADVERTISING - On our event posters and newspaper ads seen throughout the region

PLUS, we can distribute your promotional flyers at events ... and if you'd like you can even set up your own booth at our outdoor events!  

For more information please contact 403-383-5706 or email [email protected]