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MarketSquare's online advertising platform is for locally based artists, artisans and small businesses located in the Calgary, Okotoks, Black Diamond, High River and Foothills area.  If your business has a local presence and you live in the area, then we invite you to join!

$110/year online membership includes the following:-

  1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY LISTING:   Listing of your business in the Local Artisans and/or Local Businesses Directory
  2. BUSINESS PAGE:  A complete feature of your business with your own logo, business name, business contact, business description, client testimonials, photo gallery and links to your own website and social media pages.
  3. HOME PAGE FEATURE:  MarketSquare's home page features local artisans and businesses on an ongoing basis, and brings recognition to its features through its popular website and social media platforms.  The artisans and businesses featured on MarketSquare's home page are chosen by its directors from the pool of members represented on the site.

Advantages of MarketSquare online membership:-

  1. BE FOUND YEAR ROUND (before, during & after events!): Visitors to MarketSquare events often want to get hold of market vendors.  They visit the site throughout the year to locate local artisans they may have seen at an event or heard of through a friend.  MarketSquare's site is visited by locals year round, and sees thousands of visitors per day before, during and after events.  MarketSquare advertises through Facebook, Calgary Herald, Western Wheel, posters, flyers, and several radio stations.
  2. BOOST YOUR GOOGLE RANKING: Belonging to MarketSquare's hub of local artists, artisans and businesses, and connecting your own business and website address to this hub, significantly increases your website's ranking in Google searches.  Why is this?  Simply put, there is strength in numbers and individual business websites are more readily identified by Google when they're also tied to high-traffic local platforms like MarketSquare.  Connecting with MarketSquare boosts your own website!

At just less than $10/month, this is the most comprehensive and affordable advertising platform for local businesses in the Foothills! 

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