A great time at "TEMAZCAL Natural Self-Healing"

leticia Gto2014 Temazcal offers an integrative healing, based on 7 different techniques to help you overcome with daily life stress, anxiety, toxic environments and unhealthy habits that over time, they cause frustration, irritability, low energy or lack of sleep. Our services go from one on one coaching and therapy healing, meditation classes, workshops in English and Spanish and other events promoting wellness and health. Contact us for more information! [email protected] //403-370-2560// www.temazcal.ca
1. Leticia has to be one of the most gifted healers that I know. No matter how low in spirit or unwell I may feel, a visit to Leticia always lifts my spirit and heals my soul. She is a treasure to know and to have in your life.
Leticia’s name describes her well.......
L for the LOVE and healing LIGHT that Leticia brings into your life
E for being a truly EMPATHIC soul and for her healing ENERGY
T for being able to TEACH us to heal ourselves
I for the ability to IGNITE the flame to heal your soul
C for truly CARING about how you feel
I is for the IMPORTANCE of having someone like Leticia in your life
A for the ANGEL she truly is

2. Leticia provides a full range of healing services in one session. I absolutely love the combination of Reiki, hot stone, vibration and massage therapy in one session. It has made a difference in my overall health and ability to deal with life's many stresses. 
 Shilpa Patel 

3. My recommendation of you is that I know that anyone who comes in contact with you will be blessed by a healing spirit which will enhance their life to an extent that few others can.
Carl Hofmeister

4. Hi Leti, since I met you, you helped me to safe my life, my soul and my marriage. I have learned so much from you! I feel so blessed and thankful because you came across my way. I feel like I am a different person, stronger, happy with myself, my life and my family. You are the best therapist and friend. Thank you for everything!