Barbi's Bangles

IMG 3 Handmade jewelry created by Barb Brignall. "Every piece of jewelry should tell a story, evoke a memory or just make you feel special!!"

I have discovered a love of designing and creating jewelry! Chainmaille bracelets, necklaces and earrings are made in a variety of patterns in sterling silver, gold filled and a more affordable copper rings. Hammered silver and copper earrings and pendants are wonderfully affordable. Wonderfully coloured dichroic glass pendants are all unique  in their patterns.  Fine silver rings and bangles and one of a kind Silver Precious Metal Clay creations are a great investment to your jewelry collection. 
"I'm sure that you have heard this before, but THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL !!! I am very impressed!!" (Gary)

"Very lovely creations Barb!!" (Maggie)

"Nice designs!" (Sharon)

"Lovely jewelry! " (Rebecca)