Barnes & Crackle Massage

Hazel April 7 200820136 Registered Massage Therapist looks for Ideal Client: Do you value self, want a better life, appreciate energy work and are you courageous, kind and willing to communicate honestly?

Hazel Barnes, RMT serves clients in transition; willing to release blockages and put zing into their lives. Life is a process, a trip to be travelled.

Services you can expect
*Myofascial Release
*Deep Tissue
*Aroma Therapy
*Infrared Sauna
*Reiki Master

Hazel is grounded and holds a down to earth attitude.

She uses touch to merge with each client's energy, listens to their body, discerns body conflicts, and is open to information as it arises.

She also provides a ten minute warning before the end of each session to ensure all client needs have been met.

Hazel guarantees safety and that each client is absolutely cared for during each session.

She responds directly to the body and cultivates a slow, gentle, sensitive, intuitive touch.

Her specialty is making a hybrid of all the modalities that she is trained in so that she can tailor each treatment to meet client’s specific needs.

Crackle is Hazel's trusted, loyal business partner. She is Hazel's dog of course, and she is trained in a number of healing modalities like love. Her speciality is reflexology of the foot licking kind!

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Cathy ......."I have had massages all over the world and Hazel gives one of the best that I've had. She is a true healer."

Marianne......."Thank you Hazel for a wonderful massage (one of the best I've ever received). Your technique is great - but what I really felt was your deep understanding of the needs of others; and trying to accommodate. I look forward to my next massage! Thanks again."

Karen......"Unbelievable! The most amazing massage I have had the pleasure of receiving in my life - I really feel great - Thank you so much - You have an amazing talent."

Janet....."Each time I feel so much better. You have great expertise in finding the problem and easing it. Thank you!"

Judy....."Don't even think about it - book an appointment for yourself. It is an amazing and valuable experience."