Beyond Belief Hypnotherapy

fav1 The subconscious mind holds the key to all of our limiting beliefs. Hypnosis can successfully change those beliefs, in an easy, natural way, so that we can live the life we consciously desire.

You may ask, "How does Hypnotherapy compare with other forms of Therapy?"

One Issue:

Psychoanalysis 38% success rate 500 sessions
Behaviour Therapy 72% success rate 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy 93% success rate 6 sessions

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle hands on, energy balancing skill. The word Reiki roughly translated, means Universal Life Force Energy. Through the process of “attunement” (initiation) one receives from a trained Reiki Master/teacher, the energy channel through the Crown chakra is opened, clearing and cleansing the charkas and making this universal energy flow very strongly for the individual.

The essence of who we are!Experience the loving energy of Char as she helps you break down and release stuck energy by the use of sound. Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, and bells may fill your energy field with the vibrations that will move through resistance to soothing your soul.

Guided hypnosis with Sandra has been an incredible and life changing experience. She has helped me to get to the root of many of my negative beliefs. I now find the negative self –talk is gone. I feel a new found strength in my self and my instincts. I find my self more relaxed, confident, and believing that I do deserve good things and people in my life. My stress levels have dramatically reduced. I find my thought process much clearer. I look forward to more sessions with Sandra. I know that this will ensure that my dreams do become reality. Thank you Sandra for your guidance, understanding, and for being the caring person you are.

Giselle Ennis