Broken Stone Glass Co.

Broken Stone Glass Company creates beautiful unique glass pieces that make wonderful gifts, or additions to any home; including platters, vases, window hangings, and custom work.

Think of Broken Stone as modern stained glass, with a twist. We combine the elegance, timelessness, and fluidity of classic glass art with funky patterns, color palettes and new materials-all to compliment the receiver.

Have an 'idea' but not sure how to get it out, leave it to us to design something just right for you.
~Wow! Gorgeous stuff!-Carol T.

~wow this.. by broken stone glass company-Pam M.

~LOVE all of your work-Tracy I.

~The most marvellous shop and so many beautiful pieces!!! Have a look! & I sooooo love your stuff!!!!-Leslie Y.

~This is my favorite! Shannon E.