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20131024 123508 Like a challenge? Then PICAPIX PUZZLES, a Japanese logic puzzle, might be the answer for you. To date, I have published 3 books of 100 pages of these very fun and rewarding grid-number puzzles, which you color in the required squares and end up with a nice little picture. They are unique images and the challenge progresses as you work your way through the book, as they get as big as 40 x 40. It is my passion to share them with others. My way of giving back to the community is by donating $1.00 from the sale of every book to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary. I chose this organization to make this long-standing commitment with, because solving these puzzles is such a great brain activity.
I was the lucky winner of your book in the Curves Christmas raffle & just wanted to tell you thanks. When I saw your book displayed & then read the article in the Western Wheel, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart & bought 3 as gifts. They are perfect for the "puzzled minds" in my family. I went to your website & got totally hooked. -Val MacLeod

I have enjoyed all of the picapix that have been published in the Gateway Gazette, & want to thank you for bringing a new & highly enjoyable game to the mix. -K.Sinclair

Well, my house is quite a mess now because all I've been doing for the last 2 weeks is playing these puzzles, I LOVE them! -Monique Chouinard

I am quite a fan of your books. -Judy Steiert

My 17-yr-old son loves the puzzles! -Bridget Swagar

I love logic puzzles! This type of puzzle was so easy to learn. Cute smilie face! -Bridget Kenworthy

On the last four squares in puzzle called Gondolier, you have to take your clues from the picture instead of the numbers - it's fun to see that kind of logic included. -Bridget Kenworthy