Chem Free Cleaning & One Three Tree

Chem Free Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry both residential and commercial, for the past 8 years. For the past 2 years we have won “Best in the Foothills” the bronze, placed silver last year and GOLD for 2014!!
“What do we do for our clients?”
o We provide a senior or Supervisor for all cleans. Our seniors and Supervisors have been with our service for over 4 years.
o We have a detailed check list.
o We do laundry at your request.
o Savings on One Three Tree cleaning products (also available in Sobeys and Nutter’s).
o We deliver any one of our products from our One Three Tree cleaning product line to your front door (visit All you have to do is ask our cleaning staff for a One Three Tree order form, fill it out and the staff will deliver to your home for your next clean!
o We provide direct communication with our clients.
o We are friendly.
o We are bonded.
o We are nice!!

We have had many repeat clients because they know we care. “You like us so much that you refer us to your friends and they sign on with us??” , we will give you an additional 5% off of your valued client contract upon its renewal!

Save money, save the environment and save your health. Call Chem Free Cleaning at 403-828-3201 and book now. Receive 1 hour (half an hour with a team of 2 ladies) of free organizing, such as your coat closet, pantry, laundry area or even your fridge. Other added services we provide:
Carpet cleaning
RV cleaning
and laundry.
We also have window cleaners that we can refer.
  • Chem Free Cleaning Cash!

    Chem Free Cleaning Cash, $35 worth to put towards your first time cleaning!!
    Must be a minimum of a 2 hour booking (with teams of 2) for Okotoks and foothills area.
    Print this promo off when you are booking to give to your cleaning team when they arrive!
    Ask how you can sign up to become a Valued Chem Free Cleaning client and about our monthly, quarterly discount packages where you can save 10% off your final invoice every time you renew! Get discounts on our cleaning products of One Three Tree, 100% non toxic and environmentally friendly!
    Email [email protected] or call 403-828-3201 to book now!!

    Limit one voucher per household. Not valid with other discounts or vouchers. Expiry date is May 1, 2015. No rainchecks.

I love to keep a small spray bottle of One Three Tree cleaner in my car. It’s great as an air freshener, clean my sunglasses or clean up spills. Works great on the whole vehicle – glass, vinyl, leather! Leaves a great shine, no film or grease and smells awesome.”
Sandra Weibe from Routes Magazine

Lori Tocher from Lia Sophia

“Always prompt and showed up when you said you would!!”
Jamie Sylvester

“I always love when you guys clean my house”.
Pat from Coldwell Banker Real Estate

“I just have to say one more time how happy we are with the great cleaning! What a pleasure it is to come home to. Thanks so much ………”Tracy

“We have been using One Three Tree Carpet cleaning solution for over a year now and our clients love it!!”

Chris from Lomenda Carpet Care.

“We had a cleaning service before that we were not happy with and were a bit hesitant to try another, but you guys did an amazing job!”

Tina Graus

“Can I buy the peppermint cleaner from you? I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I want to make some changes”

Roxanne from The Christian Women’s Fellowship Group.

“Can I get three spray bottles of the citrus clean and 1 liter of the concentrate. Do you have some peppermint cleaner? I would like a liter of that as well. I am going to be giving some to my mom in Regina. She will love it! I will take some of the carpet cleaner too.”

Cindy – Calgary

  • TLC Support Group

    Join amazing ladies to get empowered!! Come join us while we laugh about our mistakes, learn from our challenges and celebrate with finding out your own truth!!
    Contact me at 403-828-3201 or PM me [email protected]

  • full/time time cleaners

    We are accepting resumes for full time and part time residential/commercial cleaners.
    Starting wage $15-$16 if you have more then 1 year experience. Full time receive benefits after 3 months.
    Send resume to [email protected]