Country Gables Ltd. (Virtual Assistance)

Office Virtual Assistance is administrative office support provided remotely by a “Virtual Assistant”, also known as a VA. A VA is a highly-skilled independent professional, often with an executive and corporate background, that partners with entrepreneurs and businesses to deliver quality products and services in a cost effective way.

Who benefits by using a VA?
• Entrepreneurs
• Home-based, small and mid-size businesses
• Coaches – business and personal
• Authors and speakers
• Clubs, associations, and organizations
• Real estate brokers and agents

What can a VA do?
A VA can free up time for clients to better manage their business, by providing assistance with:
• Documents (letters, reports, forms, newsletters, manuals, etc.)
• Spreadsheets (lists, charts, forms)
• Presentations
• Proofreading, editing & formatting
• Accounting & bookkeeping
• Event planning (local venues)

What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?
A VA can allow you the time to focus on growing and/or maintaining your business. A VA can save you the cost and commitment of a long-term full time employee…no office space or equipment required; no source deductions or benefits to pay. And a VA can assist with on-going daily tasks, or with one-time projects. Consider supplementing your current staff with a VA – short-term or long-term!

Country Gables Virtual Assistance
Email: [email protected]

“Faye is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Her work is very detailed and accurate, and she returns a high quality product in a timely matter at a reasonable cost…she is my go-to person. She is proactive in suggesting how she can help free up my time. If you’re looking for that special person to assist you in growing your business, I encourage you to contact Faye.”
- Wilma S.