Fox & The Robin

Fox & the Robin repurposes vintage materials for special, one-of-a-kind items made just for you.

There's something special about repurposing a vintage item for a new, wearable piece. I try to do so for everything I make, whether that be a button, key or maybe even a bullet casing. Vintage finds already have a past and a history; then I come in and make it into something else, allowing it to continue it's journey through life with a new story to tell.

I hope to continue to give life to old, unused treasures and that they will find their way into your lives.
"I am so very happy with this product and this seller :) I was inexplicably drawn to this particular key and its word "fearless" and I love that each of these antique/vintage style keys are entirely unique and no two are alike. The piece feels solid and the stamped word is perfectly visible. It came very quickly and the packaging it came in was so adorable and vintage looking itself. It was clear that Raelene put a lot of effort and thought into the whole process and my key came with a little handwritten note that meant so much to me! I've already had numerous compliments on this piece and it has quickly became one of my favourites. Overall if you are considering buying from this seller I would say do not hesitate! Thanks again so much!"

"I wanted to send a friend a beautiful gift and not only did Fox and the Robin do this for me, but she put personal little touches into the package and made the gift stand out that much more. She was prompt and friendly. I would and do recommend her product to everyone."

"This merchant was outstanding to work with - delivered a real piece of art with great care and personalization."