FTS Inc.

logo Since it’s creation in 2004, Foothills Training Services mission is to change lives. Our mission statement, “Training Winners For Life,” demonstrates our passion for delivering the best service, training, and experience to our clients and students that we can.

“Training Winners For Life” means to us that anyone who accesses any of our services or classes needs to walk away armed with the tools and information to live a satisfying and fulfilling, life full of emotional, mental, and physical health.

Our Martial Arts Division views martial arts as a tool to shape lives. Your life can truly change once you start following the Martial Arts Lifestyle. More then just technical skill, our instructors promote healthy living, discipline, focus, respect, goal setting, self confidence, and community.

The Tactical Division is devoted to training and educating the men and women who keep our communities safe. Programs for police and security revolve around not only technical skill to keep safe but lifestyle practices to enjoy a long happy career and a fulfilling retirement. We prepare officers to truly Win any altercation, this means before, during, and after.

FTS Health and Wellness Division offers a variety of services for teaching and promoting healthy living. It’s our belief that part of our responsibility isn’t just to provide a service for people interested in healthy living but to teach people what health and wellness is and how they can achieve it in their lives.