Jolika's Head Cozy

14 12 2012 H B add 237 Head Cozy head bands and pill box hats with fur trim are handcrafted from a variety of quality furs and complimentary fabrics which have stylish textures in many colours. Quality fur coats are up-cycled and carefully selected and cleaned. The furs are hand sewn into beautiful head wear for colder weather. Head bands fasten with a small width velcro fastener and the band ends are secured with a hook and eye. Size can vary up to 1 inch. Head crown measurements range from 19 inches to 25 inches or 49 cm. to 66 cm.. The cap depth is 5 inches or 13 cm.. Head crown size is taken by using measuring tape one inch above the eye brow, across the ear, and down to the back then up doing the same on the other side finishing off at the start of the measuring tape. Take the average number from several measurements. A larger size is recommended to help keep your hair style in place. You can wear my head cozy's stylishly for all occasions. Up cycled furs are the mindset of tomorrow and I donate to WWF a portion of each item sold.

A few years back I was a Fur Teddy Bear artist and designed my bears to the nap and texture of the up cycled fur being used for that bear pattern. After creating many Teddy Bears I have several ready to sew Patterns to sell. They are cleaned, cut and glued with interfacing. They include 5 joints and a pair of beautiful glass eyes plus a leather needle and full instructions on how to create your own special Jointed fur Teddy Bear. You can also purchase for a modest fee a paper pattern of my many designed artist bears. This can be a delightful challenge to cherish your own hand crafted special Teddy Bear. These patterns can be adapted to fabrics of your choice as well. Adding embroidery is also a beautiful display.
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