Okotoks Veterinary Clinic

Okotoks Vet Clinic 2 Okotoks Veterinary Clinic is pleased to have a very experienced team of doctors, technologists and receptionists to provide for you and your pets care.
We are pleased to have as part of our team some of the dedicated, capable and compassionate professionals from the Okotoks Animal Clinic that has provided care to Okotoks for close on 40 years.

Dr. Mark Rubensohn who has to served Calgary for the past 17 years is pleased to now expand to Okotoks with a team of excellent, highly experienced and compassionate veterinarians, animal health technologists and support staff to this conveniently situated new facility.

The clinic contains state of the art digital x-ray, ultrasound, anesthetic surgical and dental equipment. The facility has access to full referral services including laboratory, surgical, 24 hour care, and everything else required to provide your pet with the most modern and up to date treatment. Alternative treatments in the form of acupuncture, herbal medication, nutritional support, physical therapy and chiropractic are all available. It is our pleasure to care for you and your pets.
"Dr Rubensohn's gentleness with my frightened dog calmed him down and made the visit to the vet untraumatic. Now Sebabstian (the dog) runs into the clinic and is happy to see the vet.";

"Dr Mark saved my cat's life! He diagnosed her illness through his experience and testing and put her on a course of treatment that cured her! We are eternally grateful thanks Dr Mark!"

"We trust Dr Mark to take care of our family. But enthusiasm only gets you so far. It is Mark's knowledge, skill, depth and breadth of services, as well as his state-of-the-art facility that make us very fortunate to have him in our community."