Pain Relief Orb

The Pain Relief Orb is brand new in the market as of March 1st, 2014. The Orb is designed with 6 ends on it designed to treat all areas of the body from head to toe.

After battling chronic pain for 8 years and trying a variety of different treatments, I spent a year and a half developing the design for the Pain Relief Orb. Whether you have sciatic nerve pain, tension headaches, neck kinks, old injuries, sore overworked muscles, stiffness or scar tissue, the Pain Relief Orb can relieve painful symptoms. The science behind the orb is simple, you find your trigger point and apply pressure to that area for a minimum of three minutes which slows down the blood flow and you can feel the muscle let go and relax, which increases blood flow and circulation which promotes healing and feels absolutely better. Treatments are painful but if you use the Orb regularly the amount of pain decreases to almost nothing. When you have no pain, the Pain Relief Orb has done it's job.

The Pain Relief Orb is an inexpensive and a medication free way of treating pain. Give it a try, you won't be sorry you did!