SMOL Design

We are Sue and Manny and we share a love of all things creative. We set up SMOL Design because a shopping trip for garden furniture demonstrated (yet again) that we couldn’t easily find what we wanted and couldn’t afford what we found…

The answer was simple – we set up SMOL Design; we started to research concrete, design and finally make furniture, utility and decorative items.

At SMOL Design we love concrete because it is a material that constantly surprises us in terms of its flexibility, adaptability, durability & delicacy, and uses finishes and applications that you would not necessarily think of for concrete. It is a wonderfully tactile material that just begs to be touched! We are currently experimenting with concrete canvas which we think has limitless possibilities!!

Manny is the designer and maker of SMOL products. He has a BA in Fine Art, BLA (Landscape Architecture) and an MA in Public Art. He enjoys experimenting with different mediums and ideas, and finds inspiration in everything he sees.

Sue does a bit of everything. She has a degree in Modern European Cultural Studies (yes really) which fed and developed her interest in art, design, architecture and literature. Sue provides customer service and figures out the best way to get things done.

We have two wonderful sons (the O and L of SMOL) who attend elementary school; play hockey, soccer and Minecraft. They provide honest feedback, design tips and most importantly keep us laughing!