South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs Is the most exciting home party plan company to hit the market in decades. With a product that sells itself and an environment that provides no pressure to the hostess or guests, a South Hill social is the perfect gathering.
Make FUN Your Business!
You may have serious reasons to grow your income — children to care for, debt to pay down, a needed vacation…
But that needn’t stop you from having fun as you earn more money. With South Hill Designs, you can own a personal business that’s all about the things you love best — being with friends and enjoying beautiful jewelry.
As a South Hill Designs Artist, you’ll receive fabulous commissions on the jewellery pieces your customers buy from you. And you can multiply your income by inviting others to do the same. If you’re a natural leader, you can grow teams that generate unlimited financial rewards, month after month.
Hate Selling? So Do We!
With South Hill Designs old-fashioned selling just isn’t necessary. Here’s why. When your customers create jewellery, they naturally select the pieces that are right for them. All they need from you is to see what’s available. Your job is simply to show up at a Social, display all the choices of charms and lockets, and show the guests how to make their jewellery. These beautiful products literally sell themselves!
Part Time or Full Time? You Choose!
You can build your South Hill Designs business as small or large as you wish. If you are thinking of a little part-time fun, this is the perfect way to make a few hundred dollars a month for those unexpected extras. Or, if you have the drive, you can build a career that will totally transform your financial life. It’s up to you. South Hill Designs is all about freedom, and shaping your business
  • Double hostess rewards

    Receive double hostess rewards on all social between now and February 13, 2015. Book yours today !