Thirty-One-Gifts is a direct sales company that is new to Alberta (it has been in Ontario for 3 years). If you have always wanted to work for yourself, want / need flexibility to work from home, and want the chance to empower other women - then keep reading!

Our products are bags that are for your home, your office and your family! All with custom embroidery - and fun patterns.

If you want to work with Thirty-One-Gifts, there are three ways:

1. Be a Customer - buy the product off of my website. Choose your bag, pick your embroidery, and have it shipped directly to your house! Easy-peasy (as my 5 year old would say)!

2. Host a Party (in-person or online) - the best way to earn free product is to get 6-10 ladies together for a custom party. You earn different monthly hostess rewards - and you earn free product for yourself!

3. Become a Consultant - earn a little extra money while still taking care of your home and family. I believe that women want the chance to earn extra money, use their business and marketing skills, and belong to a group of power-driven women. For me, Thirty-One-Gifts was that chance.

If you want more information, please contact me directly ([email protected]) or visit my website!
  • Free Initial Pendant

    Become a consultant from now until March 15, 2015 and get a FREE pendant from our jewelry line - as well as the chance to earn your $135 kit rebate!