Tracy Fine Products has been making unique, handcrafted items from different woods, animal antlers and some man made materials for many years. The products have been sold mainly at artisan/craft shows and by word of mouth. Product is shipped around the world. Peter started with unique pens, moved on to ice cream scoops and wine accessories and now includes coffee grinders, pepper mills and pizza cutters in his line up. MacKay's Ice Cream in Cochrane has the Tracy ice cream scoop on permanent display for sale in their store. We have moved into some STEAMPUNK items - look for our lamps and clocks. Our newer products include wooden maps to enhance the home office and the John Wayne lever action pen.
Hi Peter, just a quick note to tell you how much I love your workmanship. I am fortunate to live close to you to see first hand any new product that you make. Over the past two years I have bought several pens, an elk wine stopper, 2 peppers mills, an ice cream scoop, coffee grinder and a pizza cutter. Most of these items are on display in my kitchen. The exotic woods are a conversation piece when I have company. And because of my Fish and Wildlife background I love the bullet pens and my elk stopper. The bullet pens have made interesting gifts. Hopefully you will be doing this craft for many more years to come. Thank you.
An Admirerer, Patricia Pelland

This is to confirm that all the Products which Pete Tracy makes,
Pepper Mills
Pizza Cutters
Ice Cream Scopes
Letter Openers
this is only a brief list of the excellent products Pete develops with great
precision and pride.
I personal have many of his products and very proud to own them.

Madge L. Wesko
Cochrane, AB.

I have purchased numerous items from Pete Tracy. Coffee scoops, ice
cream scoops, key chains and every type of pen he has made; wood; horn,
acrylic, bullet casing, shotgun casing; fountain pens and refill pens .
His craftmanship is outstanding and everything he makes is top shelf
quality. My girlfriend loves the pens: I love writing so much with them
that it is a pleasure to sign the cheques she requests of me.