Water Solutions Corporation

photo 7 Water Solutions Corporation is a new Water Company to the Okotoks community. The business started in Chestermere in 2001, moved to Calgary in 2004, and branched out to Okotoks in December 2013. We have been in business for 14 years, and we specialize in a wide variety of premium water products.

We are very well known for our Whole House Water Softeners, and top of the line Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration Systems, which we both sell and rent, as well as we offer all the corresponding filters and accessories. Within the company we have a skilled set of plumbing specialists who install all of our own systems, and are there to answer all of your questions and concerns during your install.

At Water Solutions we provide you with 4 different types of bottled water, including Reverse Osmosis, Spring, Distilled, and De-Ionized Water. To go along with our premium selection of purified water we offer an in store refill service, as well as a water delivery service for our customers’ convenience.

Other products and Systems offered at Water Solutions:
• Distillers
• Water Coolers
• Delivery & Booster Pumps
• Hot Water Tanks
• Greensand Filters & UV lights (Well Water Systems)
• Santévia Alkaline – Mineralized Water Products
• Dechlorinating Shower Filters
• Cooler Cleaning Kits
• Sulphamic Acid Descaller
• Water Quality Test Strips

-Plus much more!

Come on down and check us out in the Village Lane Mall!

    FREE REFILL - With your first purchase of a Water Solutions punch card, receive your first refills free that day, with a maximum of 5 jugs, and don't punch anything off the card until your next visit!